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Who is Fundraising Academy for?

Bootstrapping entrepreneurs:

Learn cutting-edge fundraising strategies to fuel your startup's growth.

Busy business owners:

Gain practical skills to secure grants and investments while managing your day-to-day.

Dedicated NGO leaders:

Craft compelling proposals and attract donors to amplify your impact.

What is Fundraising Academy About?

1/ 30-days Online School

The Fundraising Academy is a 30-days online school that teaches and equips you with a deep understanding of various fundraising strategies, tactics, and tools necessary for growing your early-stage startup, existing business or NGO.

2/ Practical Curriculum

From grant writing to creating compelling pitch decks, from developing winning grant proposals to securing corporate partnerships, there is so much for you to learn.

3/ Gain New & Valuable Skills

Fundraising Academy is dedicated to closing the financing gap for businesses by providing participants with the necessary fundraising strategies, skills and tactics to secure the capital they need for growth and expansion.

4/ Meets Your Fundraising Needs

This is the academy every business owner, entrepreneur, startup founder, nonprofit manager, employee and anyone who wants to successfully raise money, should attend.

What are the enrollment criteria?

1/ Participants must be able to speak and write in English and must be looking to raise money within the next 6 months - 10 months.

2/ Participants must own a business, startup or NGO, or actively be employed by one.

3/ Participants must be able to access pre-recorded videos online and must be able to join Zoom classes from your phone or laptop. If you miss any class, you will be able to watch the video recording afterwards.

4/ Participants should be able to participate actively by completing assignments, submitting completed tasks, and asking meaningful questions that support their work or other students.

Fundraising Academy Curriculum

92 topics & more

A/ Introduction to Fundraising

  1. What Fundraising means
  2. Types of Fundraising
  3. Stories and Mindsets about Fundraising
  4. Common Mistakes to Avoid

B / Bootstrapping

  1. What Bootstrapping Means
  2. What Bootstrapping Means
  3. When You Should Consider Bootstrapping
  4. Step-by-Step Guide to Raising Funds from Family and Friends
  5. Indicators That You are Bootstrapping properly
  6. How to Use Personal Savings Wisely
  7. Growing Your Business with Its Earnings
  8. How to Operate on a Lean Budget
  9. Leveraging Contacts for Non-Monetary Support
  10. Doing More with Less
  11. Balancing Multiple Roles
  12. Setting Realistic Goals and Targets
  13. Using Customer Feedback to Drive Growth
  14. Creative Marketing on a Lean Budget
  15. Building a Strong Team with Limited Resources
  16. Mistakes to Avoid When Bootstrapping
  17. Simple Roadmap to Making Your First 50 Million Naira
  18. Bootstrapping vs. Seeking Funds: Making the Right Choice
  19. The Legal Aspects of Bootstrapping
  20. Incorporation and How to Do Proper Documentation
  21. Transitioning from Bootstrapping to Other Funding Sources

C / Equity Investments

  1. What Equity Capital means
  2. The right mindset to understand equity capital
  3. Your roadmap to raising equity capital
  4. How to determine the valuation of your company
  5. How to negotiate and protect your interests in equity deals
  6. How to give equity to co-founders and employees
  7. Where to Find Investors (Investors and contact details included)
  8. How to screen and select the right investors for you
  9. What investors look out for
  10. Mistake to avoid when raising equity capital
  11. How to convince Investors
  12. How to pitch to investors like the guys who win at Shark Tank
  13. Documents needed - Pitch Deck (Template included)
  14. How to successfully pass investors due diligence and screening
  15. Documents needed - Legal, Financial, HR and Commercial Due Diligence Materials (Template included)
  16. 10 things to do after you successfully raise money
  17. How to do Investor Reporting (Template included)
  18. Raising equity capital multiple times
  19. Planning your exit strategy
  20. Case studies of Successful Equity Fundraising

D/ Grants and Donations

  1. What Grant Capital means
  2. The Right Mindset to Have in Raising Grants
  3. Understanding the language of Grants Fundraising
  4. The Different Types of Grants Available
  5. Where to Find Grants (Donors and contact details included)
  6. Understanding Grant Requirements
  7. Designing a Fundable Grant Project that Donors will Beg to Fund You
  8. How to Create a Beautiful Impact Story that Leads to a Grant Project
  9. Step-by-Step Guide to Write a Grant Proposal
  10. How to Determine How Much Money to Ask for (Budget template included)
  11. Blueprint of a Winning Grant Pitch
  12. Mistake to Avoid When Raising Grant Capital
  13. Success Stories from Grant Winners
  14. How to Win Grant Competitions
  15. How to Sustain Your Organization using Grants
  16. How to Leverage Grants for Further Funding
  17. Dealing with Rejections of Grant applications
  18. How to Use Feedback to Revise Grant Applications
  19. How to Successfully Network with Grant Funders
  20. Grant-funding Template - Sample grant applications

E / Loan Capital

  1. What Loan Capital means
  2. The Right Mindset to Have in Raising Loan Capital
  3. Types of Loans and Which One is Right for You
  4. Step-by-Step Guide on Loan Application Process
  5. Understanding Interest Rates and Loan Terms
  6. How to Make Banks and Lenders Beg You to Collect their Business Loans
  7. How to Negotiate the Best Loan like Dangote or Elumelu
  8. How to Successfully Manage Loan Repayments
  9. How to Avoid Loan Traps and other Common Mistakes
  10. Building Trust and Credibility with Lenders
  11. How to Handle Loan Defaults
  12. When and How to Restructure a Loan
  13. How to Use Loan to Grow Your Business
  14. Record Keeping and Financial Management Strategies
  15. Success Stories: How Loans Transformed Businesses

F/ Corporate Partnerships

  1. What Corporate Partnerships means
  2. Types of Corporate Partners and What Motivates Each
  3. Identifying Potential Corporate Partners that Fit You
  4. Key to Successful Partnerships
  5. How to Negotiate Partnership Agreements
  6. Strategies to Leverage Partnerships for Business Growth
  7. Protecting Your Business
  8. Mistakes to Avoid in Corporate Partnerships
  9. Writing a Winning Corporate Partnership Proposal
  10. Calculating the cost-benefit ratio - Is every project worth the effort
  11. Risk Management in Partnerships
  12. Case Studies of Successful Corporate Partnerships


of the Academy?

Cohort 3

Enrol in January,

classes start February, 2024

Cohort 4

Enrol in April,

classes start May, 2024​

Cohort 5

Enrol in July,

classes start August, 2024​

Cohort 6

Enrol in October,

classes start November, 2024

How Many Participants Have learnt at Fundraising Academy?

Fundraising Academy had its first two cohorts in mid-2023. Both cohorts had 200 participants. Participants joined from multiple countries including the US, Canada, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Zambia and others.

Meet your Instructor

Blessing Mene

  1. Founder and CEO @
  2. Co-founder @
  3. 10+ years of fundraising expert with proven results
  4. Supported 100+ businesses & and non-profits who have gone on to raise over $25 million in funding
  5. Won multiple awards from London Business School, UW Foster School of Business, UC Berkeley California, and Wits Business School.
  6. Innovative entrepreneur, Public speaker & Author
  7. Masters in Entrepreneurship & Innovation
  8. Trained in Education and Social Entrepreneurship
  9. Trained over 2,000 business leaders and SMEs
  10. Husband and father of two handsome boys
  11. Won multiple awards some of them including:
  12. 2022 Katapult Africa Seed Fund
  13. 2022 GIZ IRP Investment Readiness Award
  14. 2021 Bayer Foundation Award in Africa
  15. 2020 Goalkeepers: Rebuilder by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  16. 2019 Skoll World Forum Emerging Young Leader
  17. 2018 Google Impact Challenge Public Choice Prize Winner
  18. 2017 Gold Prize Winner | Unleash Innovation Labs Denmark
  19. 2017 Gold Prize Winner | Dragon's Den @ Unleash Innovation Labs
  20. 2018 Moonshot Fellow by Clarence Mckenna College
  21. 2016 Ashoka Fellow
  22. 2016 International Young Laureate by International Youth Foundation
  23. 2015 Unilever Sustainable Living Young Entrepreneurs Award
  24. 2015 Global Good Fund Fellow
  25. 2014 Social Entrepreneurs Transforming Africa by Makerere University Business School & Mastercard Foundation
  26. 2014 Unreasonable Institute Global Fellow
  27. 2014 African Winner, Indiafrica Business Plan Competition by Wits Business School & Government of India
  28. 2013 Grand Prize, Global Social Entrepreneurship Competition
  29. 2013 EMEA Regional Winner, Global Social Venture Competiton by London Business School
  30. and more!

How is Fundraising Academy organized?

Flexible time

Watch short pre-recorded videos at your convenience during the week

Mondays to Fridays

2 hours of classes

Any 2 hours of your choice


2 hours of Question and Answers + Reviews

8 pm to 10 pm GMT+1


2 hours with Fundraising Expert & Guests

8 pm to 10 pm GMT+1

Every session is recorded and available for replay.

No complex downloads. No software headaches.

With your phone or laptop:

  • Access your daily video lessons, are released fresh every day.
  • Telegram: Your chat zone and study hall - connect with classmates, ask questions, and join live sessions.

Focus on learning, not tech. We handle the rest.

Plus, save your money. No software purchases are needed.

What are the benefits of the Academy to me?

Master the Money,

Make Your Impact

No matter your title, your dreams deserve funding. We empower early-stage entrepreneurs, established businesses, passionate NGOs, ambitious employees, and even go-getters on the side to unlock their fundraising potential.

Join the Fundraising Academy and:

  • Secure the funds you need to make your vision a reality.
  • Master essential skills like crafting compelling proposals, building donor relationships, and navigating grants and investments.
  • Learn at your own pace with flexible formats that fit your busy schedule.
  • Connect with a supportive community of fellow fundraisers, sharing insights and amplifying each other's success.

Ready to make your impact soar? Enroll in Fundraising Academy today and watch your dreams take flight.

Fundraising Academy Fees

Pay $99 or N99,999

How to make payment

1. Pay in USD by clicking here

2. Pay in Naira to Guaranty Trust Bank | 0048168989 | Mene Blessing

3. Send evidence of payment to +2348146901598

Enrolment for Cohort 4 is currently ongoing

>95% of past participants rate us

5 stars

Five glowing golden stars

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions:

1/ What kind of fundraising do I learn? We cover a wide range of strategies, from grants and investments to bootstrapping and corporate sponsorships. You can select from our buffet of topics based on your specific fundraising goals.

2/ How flexible is the program? We offer diverse formats, including video lessons, live sessions, and self-paced modules, so you can learn around your busy schedule.

3/ Do I need any prior experience with fundraising? No experience is necessary! We cater to beginners and experts alike, providing tailored guidance to elevate your skills.

4/ What tools and resources does the Academy provide? You'll have access to recorded videos, downloadable templates, exclusive workshops, expert guest speakers, and a dedicated online community.

5/Will the Academy help me find funding, investors or donors? While we can't guarantee success, we equip you with the skills and strategies to find the right investors/donors and secure funding yourself.

6/ What kind of results can I expect? Our graduates have secured funding, launched successful ventures, and expanded their impact through effective fundraising campaigns.

7/ Do you offer fundraising guidance and support? Yes, we provide resources and workshops to help you build your fundraising strategy or leverage your skills within your existing role.

8/ Do you offer any payment plans? Yes, you can make payment in instalments.

Option 1: Pay 25,000 twice

Option 2: Pay 10,000 five weekly

All payments must be completed before class begins and you must send payment evidence to us on WhatsApp +2348146901598.

9/ How often does the program start? Once every three months.

10/ Is there a certificate of completion? Absolutely! Upon successful completion, you'll receive a certificate if you complete your assignments and attend the sign-off event.

11/ What if I have technical difficulties? We offer dedicated technical support to ensure a smooth learning experience.

Got questions?